User-Generated Content

One of the best ways to gain new followers and create new content is through user-generated content. User-generated content is content created and shared by your followers about your brand. This marketing strategy is a powerful way to reach people differently. Let's explore a couple of ways you can encourage your followers to create content… Continue reading User-Generated Content

Best Times to Post on Each Platform

A common question I get is when to post on social media. While I feel that each business's audience is different, Sprout Social released a new report of over 20,000 users with data suggesting the best times per platform. Before you take this information as total fact remember to do your own research. This information… Continue reading Best Times to Post on Each Platform

Building a Website

I am in the middle of two very different website redesigns. One was confusing to navigate, and the information unclear. The other is more simple and lacking in style and character. When designing your website, I believe a few things are vital to a successful finished product. Keep it clean and simple.Make sure it communicates… Continue reading Building a Website

Update: Apple’s iOS Tracking Permissions

Well, the day has come. Apple has rolled out its new, controversial update. This update includes new prompts within apps on Apple products to track data. While the full impact of this update is unknown, prompts from apps will begin to pop up for users to opt-in or out of data tracking. Regarding social media,… Continue reading Update: Apple’s iOS Tracking Permissions

Customer Service

In talking with one of my clients today, he told me about a recent frustration regarding a local business with inaccurate and un-updated information on their social media. He arrived at their storefront to find it was closed despite their hours listed online as being open. Time and time again, I have run into this… Continue reading Customer Service

Recreating the in-store experience online

Much of the buzz over the past year has been about reaching your consumers online since they cannot shop in-store. However, it looks like consumers may be shifting toward the digital shopping experience over in-person with things re-opening. While this does offer the customer more efficient shopping and the seller more revenue to support their… Continue reading Recreating the in-store experience online