Recreating the in-store experience online

Much of the buzz over the past year has been about reaching your consumers online since they cannot shop in-store. However, it looks like consumers may be shifting toward the digital shopping experience over in-person with things re-opening. While this does offer the customer more efficient shopping and the seller more revenue to support their… Continue reading Recreating the in-store experience online


Often times, many questions come up when it comes to social media, website management, and a company's overall online presence. A large part of what I do is find the answers to my client's questions. Whether it is about a setting on their Facebook or some functionality on their website, I will take the time… Continue reading Investigate

Your Business Deserves Some Love

Lately, I have been so focused on working hard for my clients and meeting their needs that my online presence was suffering. As a social media specialist, this does not look particularly good. So, I spent a reasonable amount of time on it last week and have already seen a return on my investment (meaning… Continue reading Your Business Deserves Some Love