Your Business Deserves Some Love

Lately, I have been so focused on working hard for my clients and meeting their needsGoogle-my-business.jpg that my online presence was suffering. As a social media specialist, this does not look particularly good. So, I spent a reasonable amount of time on it last week and have already seen a return on my investment (meaning my time).

Here are the things I did and the improvements I have seen in just one week:

  • I set up the Google My Business page and added posts.
    • I have had more traffic to my website as a result.
  • I also got my website secure and verified through Google and McAfee.
    • I am now more searchable and have the green check mark by my website when you search for me. (Trust is huge for SEO and helping drive customers to your site, but more on that later.)
  • I worked on my SEO tags and keywords on my website.
    • I have had more traffic to my website and am also easier to find via Google.
  • I boosted an informational post on Facebook for 7 days for $20.
    • I have increased my likes by 100%, my reach by 456% and my post engagement by 283% in just one week!
  • I also added my services on my Facebook with my pricing to accommodate potential clients seeking my services.
    • ROI to be determined.

Simple changes like this make all the difference. Being searchable, user-friendly and putting a little effort behind your brand can boost your online presence dramatically. These are things I do for my clients all the time! So, if you have been neglecting your business, let me help.

My mission is to bring more people to your business via social media and the internet. I know that finding time to work on these types of things can be daunting, that is why I keep my services affordable and customized to your unique goals. Check out my services and let me help you build your brand!

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