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One of the first things I do when I get a new client is look up their competition on socialheader-learn-from-others media. I learn about their industry and look for inspiration. Competition is crucial in social media. In order to bust through the noise, you have to have captivating content.

So, I start searching. I find similar businesses nationwide who are crushing it on social media and learn from their success. By monitoring others, you can identify what works and what does not. The beauty of social media is its vastness. You can find just about anything you need and pull ideas from that.

No one is doing it all perfectly, but having sources of inspiration and seeing the different way people are doing things is key. I would encourage every business owner to find at least one other page they would like to be like. Then work to create content and campaigns like theirs with your branding and personal spin.

As you work to diversify your content, you will find that your creative juices will start to flow. You never know what original ideas will spawn from this exploration of inspiration. However, you will see that looking at your business through the eyes of another will help to broaden your perception and help you to craft more unique engaging posts.

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