B2B Tagging

I have had several questions about business to business tagging on Facebook. Most who facebook-taggingare wondering about it are hesitant to tag other companies due to a fear of losing their clients or stakeholders. However, the benefits of tagging other businesses are far greater than the possible loss of a client due to tagging.

A common misconception about Facebook is that if someone likes a post, all of their friends will see it on their newsfeed. However, this is not true. Unless a person shares your post, comments or is tagged in it, no one will see it through them.

By tagging relevant people and businesses in your posts, you are automatically putting your information about your business in front of their friends/ followers. This allows you to control who sees your content rather than relying on your followers to share your content for you.

So, if you are fearful of tagging other businesses, consider the audience you will be in front of rather than the possibility that a competitor will steal your customers. Take the risk and grow your following. You will find that the more followers you have, the more business you will generate.

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