User-Generated Content

One of the best ways to gain new followers and create new content is through user-generated content. User-generated content is content created and shared by your followers about your brand. This marketing strategy is a powerful way to reach people differently. Let's explore a couple of ways you can encourage your followers to create content… Continue reading User-Generated Content

Time on Your Socials

Last week I posed the question in one of my posts about how much time you are spending on your business' social media each day. I said that I spend an average of one hour per day on my own. I want to break this down for you today so you can see how to… Continue reading Time on Your Socials

Social Media Management FAQ

I am asked to explain what it is that I do often, so I thought I would answer a few of these questions today! Tell me what it is you do and how it works. I manage small business' social media accounts. This includes posting, replying to comments, recruiting and engaging with followers, creating and… Continue reading Social Media Management FAQ

Social Media ROI

As I have discussed in the past, it can be difficult to measure your ROI with social media marketing. However, growing your presence and attracting new followers monthly should be taken into account. This growth is what I "hang my hat on," so to speak. When it comes to what I do, I cannot promise… Continue reading Social Media ROI

Understanding the Algorithm

If you have been on social media at all you have likely heard about their algorithms. As described by Merriam-Webster, an algorithm is "the current term of choice for a problem-solving procedure, an algorithm¬†is commonly used nowadays for the set of rules a machine (and especially a computer) follows to achieve a particular goal." What… Continue reading Understanding the Algorithm

Eye-Catching Photos

When it comes to social media, eye-catching imagery is clutch. Whether it is a photo of you or a picture of a pineapple, it should draw the eye. Having images that evoke curiosity and encourage the viewer to read more or learn more can be a powerful tool for growing your following and creating meaningful… Continue reading Eye-Catching Photos


If you have spent any time on Instagram as a business owner, you have probably experienced people reaching out to you and promising thousands of followers for a small fee. What they do not tell you is that these "followers" are bots, not your target market and not actual customers that will spend money with… Continue reading Growth

Instagram Do’s for Small Businesses

With the use of Instagram on the rise and quickly becoming the place to check out brands and products before people buy, it is essential to be sure yours is being utilized correctly. Just a few small changes can be the difference between engagement and sales. Here are my top tips: Consistent Naming: Be sure… Continue reading Instagram Do’s for Small Businesses

User-Generated Content

Have you heard about "user-generated content" (UGC), but unsure what it is or how to use it? No worries! This is just a new/ digital way of saying word of mouth. So, in the world of social media, UGC is content about your brand that your audience has created and shared with their followers. Not… Continue reading User-Generated Content