New Client Acquisition

I have been asked a lot about how I have acquired my clients. I can honestly say that it has not been a particularly straight path. However, there are a few ways that I have found new clients, and they have found me. The first way I have met new clients is through word of… Continue reading New Client Acquisition


If you have spent any time on Instagram as a business owner, you have probably experienced people reaching out to you and promising thousands of followers for a small fee. What they do not tell you is that these "followers" are bots, not your target market and not actual customers that will spend money with… Continue reading Growth

A day in the life

Many people have asked me what I do each day and how I help my clients. The short answer is that I manage their every day social media presence for them. The long answer is much more complicated. Social media management is more than posting every day. Each week I take inventory of what my… Continue reading A day in the life