New Client Acquisition

I have been asked a lot about how I have acquired my clients. I can honestly say that it 68c4809ab8549df6e98722c8dded41f2has not been a particularly straight path. However, there are a few ways that I have found new clients, and they have found me.

The first way I have met new clients is through word of mouth. Working with small business owners, it is no surprise that they refer business since that is often how they get business as well. My clients who were referred to me through word of mouth are great because they have a deeper understanding of what I do before we even speak!

The second way I have met new customers is through my social media. This, of course, makes sense because it is what I do! About once a week, I get inquiries through social media about my services. Usually, the individual has been following me for some time and has become comfortable and trusts me enough to reach out.

The third way I meet new clients is through networking. I make it a point to attend networking events regularly. Through traditional networking, I can talk in-depth about what I do with potential clients and build a relationship with them before working with them. Even when these relationships have not produced a new client, they create brand recognition and often lead to word of mouth referrals. People are more apt to refer someone they have met in person than someone they have never spoken with.

Basically, there is no one right way to recruit clients. As an entrepreneur, I try to remember to continually put myself out there regularly. Learn as you go and remember to be yourself and represent your brand in all situations.




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