Build Your Authority

For many small business owners, the task of breaking through the noise and “outshining” Friday Fact_ - 2019-10-14T100940.691your competition on social media is overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be! You can have success that translates to dollars by establishing yourself and your business as an authority or expert within your industry.

Positioning your business or brand as an industry expert is easy. You know your business has value, and you have the experience that others do not. So, all you have to do is show it. Share valuable information that is not only interesting but is helpful to those in and out of your industry. To build your authority, try the following:

  • Publish blog posts regularly and share them on your socials.
  • Share curated content from other leaders in your industry.
  • Create helpful tips and tricks for your followers.
  • Share your insight and expertise.

Building your authority means providing insider information and publishing content that is engaging and helpful. By consistently sharing content that your followers want to see and growing your audience, you are building your authority. Authority is money, so the more you build it, the more dollars in your pocket.



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