If you have spent any time on Instagram as a business owner, you have probably IMG_4930.jpgexperienced people reaching out to you and promising thousands of followers for a small fee. What they do not tell you is that these “followers” are bots, not your target market and not actual customers that will spend money with you. As a social media manager, my goal is not to get you thousands of followers fast. My goal is to create slow controlled growth with people who actually want to invest in your business.

Growth is a tricky term when it comes to social media. Many people expect rapid results from me, when in reality that is not what they are truly after. Most business owners want a return on their investment. This could be as simple as a single message through Facebook or Instagram booking their services. While all of the social media accounts grow every month, the point is not to get in front of every single person on the internet. The goal is to get in front of the people who want to use your products or services.

So, when it comes to measuring growth, yes I do monitor my client’s likes, follows and engagement. But I also measure growth based on their sales and leads. At the end of the day if your business is not making money, then it does not matter how many followers you have.

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