Social Media ROI

As I have discussed in the past, it can be difficult to measure your ROI with social media GettyImages-955530272-5bce0f8dc9e77c0051708398marketing. However, growing your presence and attracting new followers monthly should be taken into account. This growth is what I “hang my hat on,” so to speak.

When it comes to what I do, I cannot promise sales or growth in your profits, but I can guarantee growth in your likes and follows. By creating quality content every day for my clients, I am attracting new followers for them. On average, my clients will see an increase in Facebook followers of about 5-10% each month. So, for a page with 1000 followers that is 50-100 new people seeing your content every month.

Although this may not sound significant, it is. These followers are not bought or paid for. These followers are genuinely interested in seeing what your business is doing and the products or services you provide. When you have followers that are invested in your brand, they are far more likely to make purchases or use your business.

So, remember that growth can turn into dollars. Calculated and steady growth is more lucrative than buying likes and follows. If you can put out excellent content every day, you will surely grow and eventually so will your business.


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