I have been asked many times if I would just post for a business a couple times per week Friday Fact_ - 2019-08-12T104613.871rather than every day. While there may be scenarios and companies that this would make sense for, that is not the norm. I pride myself on posting every day for my clients.

You may be asking yourself why I am so hung up on posting every day, and why wouldn’t I want to take on a client that wants me to do less? The answer is simple, consistency. When you can post good, quality content daily, you are setting yourself up for success.

Posting on your social media daily allows you to break through the noise. Daily posts create brand authority and recognition in the community. By producing content every day you are communicating to your audience that you care about them and that you are interested in connecting with them.

In my 5 plus years of experience managing social media accounts, I have found that posting every day is the best way to grow your audience. While ads certainly serve their purpose and have their place on social media, consistency is still king when it comes to organic growth. So, although I could post less for my clients, I stand behind my methods and have plenty of proof that it works.


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