Update: Apple’s iOS Tracking Permissions

Well, the day has come. Apple has rolled out its new, controversial update. This update includes new prompts within apps on Apple products to track data. While the full impact of this update is unknown, prompts from apps will begin to pop up for users to opt-in or out of data tracking. Regarding social media,… Continue reading Update: Apple’s iOS Tracking Permissions

Pain Points

You've heard of pain points before, right? So, you understand that when you are marketing your business to your identified target audience, you have to know these pain points. Identifying said pain points means knowing how your products or services solve a problem or make people's lives easier in some way. When it comes to… Continue reading Pain Points

Eye-Catching Photos

When it comes to social media, eye-catching imagery is clutch. Whether it is a photo of you or a picture of a pineapple, it should draw the eye. Having images that evoke curiosity and encourage the viewer to read more or learn more can be a powerful tool for growing your following and creating meaningful… Continue reading Eye-Catching Photos