Update: Apple’s iOS Tracking Permissions

Well, the day has come. Apple has rolled out its new, controversial update. This update includes new prompts within apps on Apple products to track data. While the full impact of this update is unknown, prompts from apps will begin to pop up for users to opt-in or out of data tracking.

Regarding social media, this could pose significant challenges for targeting through ads if users were to opt-out. Although there is still an opportunity to target potential customers through social media ads, this update will likely make ads trickier and less effective compared to years past. This update is one of the many reasons I rely heavily on a solid organic presence. While ads certainly have their place and are essential in reaching new audiences, some things are simply out of our control as marketers.

On a personal level, this is good information for those worried about their data being tracked. Having watched The Social Dilemma, I can certainly understand how people are concerned about their data being tracked across the internet. Each person will have to decide for themselves what they prefer and how comfortable they are with sharing this information. As for me, I don’t mind sharing my data. The personalized ads, albeit creepy at times, help me see products and brands I would not know about otherwise.

For more information about this update, feel free to check out this article from Social Media Today.

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