Building a Website

I am in the middle of two very different website redesigns. One was confusing to navigate, and the information unclear. The other is more simple and lacking in style and character. When designing your website, I believe a few things are vital to a successful finished product.

  1. Keep it clean and simple.
  2. Make sure it communicates who you and your business are through eye-catching visuals and clear, concise copy.
  3. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate.
  4. Optimize your site for the best SEO possible.
  5. Connect your social media.

I love doing website redesigns. While a website is a quick stop for many people, in the buying/decision-making process, it serves as the first impression to your potential customers. Ensuring your information, services, contact information, and everything else is up to date is a simple way to help you get more leads and secure more customers. Your website should do all the talking for you so that when you meet with a potential customer, they already know who you are and what you do.

Are you interested in giving your website a facelift? Give me a shout; I would love to help!

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