Encourage Engagement

I recently had a conversation with one of my clients about post engagement on downloadFacebook. We talked about which posts were doing well and the people who were engaging. She was talking about the people who were sharing and liking her posts and how great that is.


In this conversation, I explained the importance of tagging and encouraging engagement with your followers without relying on them to share your post or tag you in theirs. My main point with her was to find ways to get her followers to engage or be engaged without relying on them to do it organically.

A couple ways to encourage engagement on Facebook include:

  1. Asking questions and encouraging your followers to respond.
  2. Setting up a poll.
  3. Contests for followers to enter via likes, shares, and comments.
  4. Tagging followers or relevant businesses.

All of these strategies take the responsibility of engagement out of the follower’s hands and places it in the business owner’s hands. You are actively seeking out engagement with these types of posts.

So, take control of your Facebook presence and engagement. Create opportunities for your followers to interact with you in an easy and fun way. Remember, your followers want to feel important and like they have a connection with your business. Make it easy for them with these tips.

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