Facebook Templates

Facebook now offers several templates for you to use that may best fit your business. Facebook-templates-shopping-view-239x300These templates come with tabs to help you better communicate with your followers. However, not every tab is relevant for every business.

I have spent some time looking at the different options for templates for my clients. What it boils down to is creating a page that is functional and easy to navigate for your followers. A couple of things you can do to make your page cleaner and more concise include:

  1. Taking inventory of your tabs. Determine which tabs you need or do not need and turn off those you do not use.
  2. Rearrange your tabs. If you are a service based business, make sure your services tab is toward the top of the list.
  3. Customize your tabs. There are many ways to customize your tabs, so explore those options. Whether it is naming them accordingly or adding links within them, it is essential that all your tabs are working for you.

Although not all the tabs are customizable or editable, you can look into ways to improve your page and create a user-friendly platform for your customers. Since Facebook is free and often serves as the only information source for many businesses, it is imperative that your page is up to date and easy to navigate.

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