How many times have you seen pictures on Facebook and Instagram with no context? I contextcan bet that unless it is really appealing, you continue scrolling. Why? Because people need to know what they are looking at.

While captions are just one piece of your social media posts, they are not to be forgotten. Captions not only provide valuable information about your product, service or message you are trying to convey, but they can capture attention if correctly utilized. A few things to keep in mind when writing copy for your posts include:

  1. Consider the length of your posts. People will not read more than one or two sentences so keep it short and sweet.
  2. Make sure your captions are relevant. Tie your captions to your images with appropriate content to match the picture.
  3. Add personality. In order to grab your audience’s attention, your copy should be funny, passionate or interesting. (Consider song lyrics, quotes or simple phrases.)
  4. Use hashtags. Hashtags provide extra context while making your post more searchable and discoverable.
  5. Tag others. When appropriate, tag other businesses, people, or places to increase awareness and maximize your reach.

The main thing to remember is that your audience wants to connect with you. So, give your followers every opportunity with the necessary context. Let no image or graphic go out without any context.

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