Recreating the in-store experience online

Much of the buzz over the past year has been about reaching your consumers online since they cannot shop in-store. However, it looks like consumers may be shifting toward the digital shopping experience over in-person with things re-opening. While this does offer the customer more efficient shopping and the seller more revenue to support their brick and mortar location, there is still a question on how to capture your customers online.

The key to selling your goods online and via socials is to recreate their in-store experience digitally. One way to do this is to welcome them “in” through automated messages on social media and your website. It would be best if you then were sure to monitor comments and messages for the utmost customer service, much like in your store.

In terms of grabbing their attention, businesses should create video content showing consumers an honest look at their products. Shopping for items online without a good idea of fit, look, feel, and size can prevent consumers from completing their purchase. By offering a sneak peek, you can answer the customer’s questions before they even ask them.

Finally, provide incentives to come back and shop. Whether your presentation in your box for shipping is cute and fun for the customer or offers a small percentage off their next purchase, you want them to share what they bought online and return for more. Treat your online marketing strategy in a similar way to in-person, just digitally.

By no means are these tips an exhaustive list of ways to encourage online sales, but rather a starting point. If you would like help with your social media strategy and presence, contact me here. From consulting to the overall management of your social media, I’ve got your back!

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