Instagram Stories

You’ve heard about Instagram stories, and you’ve flipped through them, but what is all the buzz about stories? Instagram stories are a great way to improve your Instagram presence. Not only are they short bursts of content, but they offer great ways to engage with and reach your audience.

One of the perks of using stories is that it helps to humanize your brand. Showing off the “behind the scenes” images and videos here is a great way to build trust and deeper connections with your audience. Just a few posts in your story throughout the week can reap wonderful benefits on your Instagram stats and overall engagement.

Another plus to using Instagram stories is the infinite opportunity to engage with your followers. From polls and Q and A’s to short videos and selfies, stories offer a new fast way to connect and build relationships with your audience.

Stories are more in the moment. While this can be hard for planners, you can still schedule content to begin incorporating stories into your weekly routine. Like everything else with social media, give it a try and make changes as you go. Luckily your stories will only last 24 hours, so what do you have to lose?

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