We all know branding is crucial in marketing, but does it have to be so rigid? While it is vital to have a strong logo, your brand colors, and your preferred fonts, I believe that there is more fun to be had than staying too closely within those lines. From a social media marketing perspective, you must always consider your audience. Although you want your brand to be recognizable, you also want to draw people in with your graphics, imagery, and copy.

I see brands (including myself at times) leaning on these branding guidelines as a crutch. Companies get stuck in their branding and lose their creative edge. It is easy to keep cranking out the same “look and feel” over and over, but that can also burn out your audience. So, my tip would be to spice it up. Every few months, say quarterly, rethink and redefine your social media strategy. Of course, you want to stay within your branding guidelines, but try something new. Maybe it is to incorporate a color related to a cause for that month. Perhaps that means including more videos or focusing on your copy.

No matter your branding, you can still keep your presence fresh and exciting. Draw inspiration from others and try new things. Changing it up could not only keep your current audience engaged but draw in a new audience.

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