Facebook Ads and Apple Update

You may have heard about the coming updates with Apple that are going to have significant impacts on Facebook advertising. This news has been churning in the industry since late December of 2020. While there is still no definitive news on this situation, more is said to be coming. According to Social Media Today, there… Continue reading Facebook Ads and Apple Update

Keywords to Convert

I wanted to take a minute to share a great infographic from Social Media Today. It includes 88 words that you can use to convert website visitors to taking action. While this infograpgic is specific to websites, I wanted to talk about the importance of using keywords like these across all your platforms. I have said this… Continue reading Keywords to Convert

How to Spend Your Marketing Dollars

In a recent discussion with a small business owner and friend, the topic of how to use your marketing dollars came up. The conversation was regarding the best marketing options for your money. It can be overwhelming to try and decide which avenues to choose from. Of course, I am a little biased, but I… Continue reading How to Spend Your Marketing Dollars

The Marketing Funnel is Dead

I have never loved the marketing funnel idea. While it has been drilled into marketing professionals forever, it has always left out an essential piece, in my opinion, the customer! In the funnel, the customer is an afterthought, but that makes no sense. Why would we put the people we want to spend money with… Continue reading The Marketing Funnel is Dead

Social Media Ad Creation

Creating ads on social media that provide value and return on your ad spend can be challenging but not impossible. Many factors go into creating a successful ad campaign on social media (specifically Facebook and Instagram). Let's take a look. Consider your goals for each ad. These goals will impact your placements, ad spend, graphics,… Continue reading Social Media Ad Creation