One of my biggest tips to business owners who want to improve their presence and consistency on their social media is to create a routine. Whether you schedule your posts ahead of time for the week or post each morning as you get your day started, having a set plan is a great first step. Not only will setting aside the time to post make you more likely to execute this task, but it will also increase your presence and brand recognition.

Creating the time to post is the first pain point my clients have. The second thing keeping my clients from posting is coming up with content. A great way to start posting for your business is to form a social media shell. A social media shell is just an idea of the type of content you would like to post each day of the week. For example, every Tuesday, I write a blog post and share it on my social media. On my “shell,” it is called my Tuesday tip. Until you get used to this new routine, put it on a sticky note or somewhere easy for you to reference as you create your content.

Having an idea of what you plan to post on what days can cut down on the overthinking and confusion of what to post. All you have to do is come up with the content that fits that topic for that day, and you’re done. Social media doesn’t have to be complicated. Just getting started and forming a routine is half the battle.

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