Boost Your LinkedIn Presence in 2021

This week Social Media Today put together a great article with ten tips to boost your LinkedIn presence in 2021. With this platform continuing to grow in popularity and expand in performance, I thought these would be great to share. Below I will share the ten tips, but I have also included the link to the full article so you can read all the details there! 

10 Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Presence:

  1. Post regularly, but not too much. I generally try to post at least one time per week, but 2-3 is acceptable as well.
  2. Avoid using lots of automation. I tend to avoid this, but be careful with automation on any platform. Any time you take the human aspect out of your social media, you are likely missing out on quality engagement.
  3. Share video and visual content. Be sure that any time you post on your LinkedIn you include a custom graphic or video for your content. This is really no different than most platforms, but sometimes forgotten due to the professional nature of the platform.
  4. Don’t just share your own content. This is a great reminder and a helpful way to encourage engagement. Even if you only post once per week, it is important to engage with your connections and those you follow regularly. Engaging keeps you top of mind.
  5. Don’t be salesy. Just like all platforms, be sure your posts are helpful and of value. People don’t want to be sold to, but if they find value in your content, they are more likely to use your products or services.
  6. Go Live. You may roll your eyes, but this is a sure-fire way to get in front of your audience. Not only will it notify them you are live, but it will give them content they can go back and watch later. It’s a win-win.
  7. Tag influencers and employees. Use this when appropriate. Don’t just tag people to tag people.
  8. Create LinkedIn specific content. This is similar to not posting too much, but not everything you post on Facebook and Instagram belongs on LinkedIn. This is a place for education, support, and professional content, so choose wisely.
  9. Use hashtags. Want to be more discoverable? Hashtags will help you get in front of the right people. Plus, LinkedIn offers hashtag suggestions if you don’t know which ones to use!
  10. Optimize your content based on analytics. Just like every other social media platform, you have to keep an eye on your metrics. Measure your progress and make adjustments based on your analytics.

Again, these are not my tips, but I did include my two cents about them. Feel free to check out the whole article here!

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