Engaging Your Followers

Engagement is the buzzword of the past couple of years. Everyone wants to know how to get their followers to engage with their posts or increase their engagement rate. While these are valid questions, they focus on the actions of the audience rather than the actions of the business.

Let’s spin it. Instead of trying to inspire engagement, why not do more engaging? Here’s the scoop. A great way to encourage engagement from your audience is to engage with your customers first. This idea may seem a little backward, but actively interacting with others on social media platforms as your business helps you get in front of more people.

One way you can engage with potential customers on Instagram, for example, is to follow their accounts and comment on and like their content. It’s a two-way street. The more you present yourself in front of the consumer, the more likely they will spend money with your business. It’s a way around the algorithm and a more grassroots attempt at appealing to your customer.

Treat your business account similarly to your personal account. Interact with the things and people you like. Build relationships with your followers and future followers. People get tired of being sold to, so have conversations and get to know one another. Remember that relationships lead to sales.

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