Social Media Ad Creation

Creating ads on social media that provide value and return on your ad spend can be challenging but not impossible. Many factors go into creating a successful ad campaign on social media (specifically Facebook and Instagram). Let’s take a look.

  1. Consider your goals for each ad. These goals will impact your placements, ad spend, graphics, copy, and audience.
  2. Place your ads where your customers are most likely to engage. Dive into your analytics and determine where you are more likely to convert those views into sales. There is nothing worse than spending your ad dollars on dead-end placements.
  3. Spending more does not always mean more return or sales. Keep good data on all your other factors when deciding how much to spend on your ads. Why spend more on an ad that is just not serving you or your business?
  4. Make sure your ads are eye-catching. If you cannot grab your audience with your imagery, you are likely missing out on sales. Nine times out of ten, consumers will engage with a post simply because the image caught their eye.
  5. Your copy is just as crucial as your graphics. Good copy can be tricky because you have to say a lot about your products and services in very few words. Too much information will lose the customer, and too little will keep them scrolling. Try to have a catchy first line that draws them in, followed by a way to solve their problem. These problems could be affordable cute clothes, services they need, or many other things.
  6. Tailor your audience to your ad. You likely have a pretty broad audience for your business overall. However, each ad attempts to reach a part of that audience, not every person, all at once. Creating a specific audience for your particular ad is vital to the success or failure of your ad. One example could be to get your audience of moms in the U.S. to purchase more than one affordable outfit from your site. One way to do this would be to target moms located in more densely populated areas, who likely earn more money and spend more per purchase than moms in more rural areas.

No matter how you spend your ad dollars, remember to keep track of all these factors. Try different approaches and note what has worked and what has not. Data and analytics are crucial to learning and improving your social media ad success. For tips like this, tune in weekly!

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