Be Consistent

So I won’t lie, in my personal life, I am not always consistent. Be it ADHD or my conflicted desire to relax on the couch and clean my house; I am just not always on the ball. However, when it comes to my professional life and my business, consistency is a must. Thankfully, I have the skills and knowledge to keep me on track!

In social media, it is best to post consistently. I have preached this for years, and most are probably tired of hearing me say it. But here’s a fresh take. How consistently are you working on your growth (organically), engaging with your audience, or keeping up with the constant changes within the crazy world of social media? Not even weekly, if I were guessing.

For successful organic social media, consistency in all areas (not just posting) is vital. Being consistent means engaging daily and reading up on changes weekly. Keeping up with your audience’s demands and ensuring you are always on brand is crucial to building your business’ presence on social media. That is why I do what I do. Where I lack consistency in my personal life, I more than makeup for in my business. My job is to help companies to grow through this very concept. Learn more about how I can support your business in 2021 here.

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