New Year, Same Plan

While leaving 2020 behind us may be exciting, one thing remains, uncertainty. Unfortunately, 2021 does not appear to be bringing much change in these first few months of the year. We will undoubtedly still be dealing with this pandemic for much of the new year. Although this outlook is bleak, we did gain some valuable insight from this dumpster-fire of a year.

One thing we know for sure is that planning too far ahead gets you nowhere. While planning and developing sound marketing strategies for your business is hugely beneficial, 2020 has shown us that planning should also come with back up plans. We can now take these lessons in a year of constant pivoting and apply them to the months and years ahead. When it comes to your marketing strategy, it is best to explore all your options. Have multiple ideas and techniques in your 2021 plans. Preparing for the unthinkable will only help you pivot as things change. Often, we get too comfortable and do not consider the many ways our plans may fail and need to change. Having options will allow for smoother transitions and, ultimately, more success.

Another thing to keep in mind this year is to set small attainable goals. Chunk out your year into smaller sections and continuously evaluate your progress. Keeping your finger on the pulse of what is working or not working for your business will allow you to set appropriate goals and crush them.

No matter what your goal is for 2021, be gentle with yourself, your employees, and your customers. While the year from you know where is coming to a close, the struggles we have been facing will continue. As always, stay safe, be kind, and have a Happy New Year!

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