How often are you drilling down into your social media analytics? Weekly? Monthly? Quarterly? As a part of my social media management services, monthly reporting is my standard. Keeping up to date on the current trends and insights into your social media platforms is key to your organic growth and execution of your social media marketing strategy.

Looking at when your audience is most engaged with your posts each day and which posts performed best each month provides valuable insight into your continued success or failure. Taking note of what is working and what is not will pay off. Simply posting with no idea who you are talking to and having no direction will do you no good.

Consider starting the new year with a social media audit. Dig into the analytics and make notes. Plan your 2021 social media strategy around what went well and learn from your mistakes. Then you can monitor your progress monthly and perform another audit in 6 months. Looking at the data is crucial. Be sure to make it a priority this next year!

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