Know your audience

We all know the importance of targeting and getting in front of the right people, butUntitled design5 what happens after you have identified your audience? How do you then take them from potential customers to actual customers? You have to understand who they are and why they are interested in your brand, to begin with. You have to get to know them.

I have talked a lot about brand humanization and the importance of relationship building regarding your social media presence, but how does that translate to sales and leads? You have to think about your copy. Not just the copy in your posts, but also in your email marketing, your ads and your website.

Your voice and message should vary (while staying true to your brand) based on who you are communicating with or building a relationship with. Your audience will be more likely to follow through if they feel they have an established relationship with your brand. Just like a relationship with anyone else, you have to create trust, relatability, value and (in terms of sales) be able to solve one of there problems.

So, as you work on building your brand’s presence, remember to keep in mind who you are talking to. What is your goal and how can you help them solve a problem? Don’t talk at them, but rather, talk with them. Encourage conversation and keep in mind that behind the screen is a person interacting with you and your business.

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