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With all the different social media platforms available to us as business owners, decidingimages which ones to use can be tricky. All too often I find business owners trying to do them all. While I commend them for their effort and attempting to be present on all levels, this is not always the best strategy or use of your precious (and limited) time.

So, how do you determine which platforms are right for your business? Let’s start by listing the most popular platforms and what they are used for. We can then dive into examples of types of businesses and the platforms they should focus on.

  1. Facebook: As a rule, all businesses should have a presence on Facebook. It is still the king of social media platforms (for now) and is a source for people to get in contact with businesses quickly and easily.
  2. Instagram: This is an image-driven social media platform that thrives on positive images and quick interactions. It allows businesses to be highly searchable through hashtags.
  3. Twitter: This is a conversational social media platform generally used to express opinions, share news and general thoughts rather than marketing driven content.
  4. YouTube: This is a video storage and sharing platform for all ages. YouTube is continuing to grow in popularity and is constantly adding new features and abilities.
  5. Pinterest: This is an inspirational and shopping platform for consumers to find like items or shop based on their inspiration.
  6. LinkedIn: This platform is for business to business marketing and branding. It is also used heavily for job listings and searches.

Now that you have a clearer picture of each platform let’s look at some business examples and what their ideal presence would look like.

  • Example 1: Retail Shop/ boutique 
    • Facebook: Great for incorporating groups for exclusive sneak peeks and first dibs on new items, online shopping, communication with customers and brand consistency.
    • Instagram: Great for new products and beautiful images of inventory.
    • Pinterest: Perfect for like items and inspiration, as well as, driving sales and traffic to your website.
    • YouTube: Opportunity to promote products and demonstrate use.
  • Example 2: Carpet Cleaning Service 
    • Facebook: Great for customer interaction and communication.
    • Instagram: Ideal for before and after images and services offered.
    • YouTube: Useful for industry-specific hacks and tips.
    • LinkedIn: Perfect for promoting business to business sales or commercial cleaning services.
  • Example 3: Industry Expert or Coach 
    • Facebook: Ideal for group conversations and exclusive content, as well as, regular communication and conversations with clients or potential clients.
    • Instagram: Great for providing inspiration and information with images.
    • YouTube: Opportunity to demonstrate expertise to a wider audience via video.
    • LinkedIn: Allows for longer content and posts to encourage business to business relationships.
    • Twitter: Bite-sized thoughts and advice throughout the day and time sensitive newsworthy items related to your industry.

Remember that less is more sometimes. You are better to do one or two well than all of them poorly. So, determine which ones make sense for your business and always remember to BE CONSISTENT! If you would like help with your social media presence, contact me here.


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