Brand Humanization

One of the main things I talk about with my clients and potential clients is the type of Untitled designcontent we are putting out. I discuss with them their goals and how we want to reach their prospective audience. In this conversation, I stress the importance of brand humanization.

Brand humanization is all about authenticity and transparency. These are two seemingly similar words with very different purposes. Authenticity is about truth in the information being put out there. Transparency is about easy to understand information and regularity of posts.

To achieve brand humanization is to have a perfect balance of personalized content that is not overshared. People do not need to know what you are doing every minute of every day, but they do want to remain connected.

So, remember to be human. Get personal without overdoing it and be true to yourself and your brand. For more tips like this check out my blog for new posts every Tuesday!

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