Has anyone else noticed a shift in social media over the past year? I have! There has Friday Fact_ - 2019-09-27T144954.766been a growing trend to be more authentic in social media. This trend has inevitably come from the explosion of influencers over the past couple of years dominating the market.

People are longing for connection and genuine content. They want to feel a deeper connection with a brand than just an influencer pushing product. So, what does that mean for businesses?

This shift means you have to show who is behind the brand. You have to give people a reason to connect with you and stay connected. Selling all the time will no longer work (not that it ever really did). Users are looking to feel something when they interact with brands. They want to know how you are helping the community, environment or world as a whole. They want to interact with you in the comments and through quick messaging. They want to see your face.

I see this shift as a great way to diversify your content. By creating a more personalized experience for the user you can let your guard down a little. Not every picture has to be perfectly edited, you can have a little fun with your copy. They want to know you, not just your products.




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