When to outsource

Small business owners are some of the hardest working people I have ever met. They Friday Fact_ (49)will take on as much as humanly possible to ensure their business’ growth and success. However, there comes a time when they have to start outsourcing certain parts of their business. Times when they cannot do any more or merely need a professional.

I created Social Media By Lauren to take one small thing off the plates of small business owners. While my goal is also to help grow their presence and business as a whole I knew that there was a need to do this daily task for them. So, how do you know when to outsource your social media?

Giving up your “baby” and trusting someone else to represent your brand can be scary. I get it. The alternative though is working yourself into the ground and still not producing the best content for your brand on social media. Here are a few ways you know it is time to call on an expert.

  1. You keep meaning to post, but it doesn’t happen.
  2. You post content, but only once a week or once a month.
  3. You post regularly, but your content is only shared posts from other businesses or industry professionals.
  4. You post regularly but have seen little to no results (likes, comments or shares).

These are classic scenarios of small business owners trying to do it all. While your efforts are commendable, there is a better way. There plenty of professionals like me ready and willing to help you put your best foot forward on social media. Let us help lighten your load all while boosting your presence. It’s a win-win, you focus on your expertise, and we focus on ours.

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