A little goes a long way

As a small business owner myself, I understand the need to get your bang for your buck. a-littleThat is why I encourage the use of my customizable packages. For a flat monthly fee you are guaranteed the following:


With my help, your social media presence will consistently grow each month. By maintaining your appearance on social media I will increase your reach and the potential for viral posts. Your growing audience is carefully crafted and targeted to be interested in what you offer.

Daily Posts:

Each month I meet with my clients to determine promotions, ideas, and overall marketing strategy. I then create and manage your content calendar for the month, posting every day at peak times. Not only does this establish your brand and voice, but also promotes growth on your social media pages.

Increased Engagement:

In order to increase engagement, I post a variety of relatable, informational and promotional posts. By providing diversity in your content I will lead more people, organically, to your pages. All content is high quality and meant to engage potential customers rather than create more noise on social media.


For those who choose to incorporate this into their packages, I provide detailed reporting. Keeping an eye on results and monitoring progress regularly is crucial to social media success. All my reports break down each post and provide feedback for increased performance in the future.


Just because your business is smaller does not mean your voice should not be heard. My job is to take a little of your load off. For more information on my packages click here.

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