Are you in a service based industry? Do you host regular meetings or events? How aboutimages sales? All of these should be events that people can mark as attending on Facebook.

One of the best ways to promote your business and have people share your business with their friends is through events. Events are a free and simple way for people to connect with you on Facebook. Not only will you get an idea of how many people plan to attend your event, but all their friends will also see that they plan to participate as well.

Creating an event is simple. Once you decide to create a new event, it will prompt you to fill out the necessary information. You can also post within the event to inform those interested and attending of any changes or updates, rather than bogging down your follower’s newsfeed.

So, take advantage of this as much as possible. Facebook rewards users for creating events and promoting them within their site. Good luck and as always, have fun!!

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