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Creating and maintaining original content for your social media can be exhausting and Friday Fact_ - 2019-12-09T092451.341challenging. However, it doesn’t have to be! The key to fresh ideas and captivating content is drawing inspiration from others. Here are my go-to spots to find content to recreate and personalize for my clients:

  1. Facebook Pages: Other businesses across the country are probably doing business similar to you, so take a peek at their pages and gather ideas to create content similar to them.
  2. Pinterest: Pinterest is full of great images and articles to draw from. You can search just about anything, as well, making your ideas and inspiration limitless.
  3. Instagram: Like Facebook, you can check out what other businesses and successful pages are doing to help your page become more appealing and interactive.
  4. Twitter: When it comes to the most relevant news, articles, quotes or just plain text inspiration, Twitter is my go-to. Select accounts you want to follow and check it daily. Twitter is constantly changing.

No matter where you find inspiration, remember to make it your own. Stock photos are great, but people want to see new and fresh content. Get creative and have fun!






*Repost from September 2018


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