Social media never sleeps. Unfortunately, we as humans and businesses owners have toUntitled design - 2019-06-10T101521.707 sleep at some point. While there are instances when things can arise overnight, it is reasonable to address those things the following day.  However, vigilance and near constant monitoring is vital to the success of your presence on social media.

Seeing as business owners barely have time to post, let alone monitor their pages throughout the day, it is crucial to have a team of people to help you keep an eye on your social media. A large part of what I do for my clients is to watch for comments and messages that need to be acknowledged and/or addressed as soon as possible. Having people help you stay vigilant can be the difference between sales and no sales.

For me, monitoring my client’s social media includes not only watching for comments, but also for opportunities to engage potential customers and reach new people. I actively work to keep my client’s pages up to date and as communicative a possible. Being attentive to your social media demonstrates trust and reliability to potential customers.

Even if you are managing to post a couple times a week, consider adding people to your team that can help you keep an eye on things. You will not only see a difference, but you can rest easy knowing that your pages are being monitored regularly. If you are interested in seeing how I can help you with this shoot me a message!

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