So, you want to write a blog. That’s great! As you likely already know, blogging not only Friday Fact_ (62)provides your followers with great content, but it also establishes you as a trustworthy and credible industry expert. Blogging also increases your SEO (search engine optimization), you can read all about this in my previous post on blogging and SEO.

Now what? You see the value and sit down to write but have no clue where to start. Below are a few helpful tactics I use to ensure I am providing quality blog posts every week.

  1. Blog about what you know. Many of my posts are based on conversations I have had with other professionals or my clients about specific topics.
  2. Draw inspiration from others doing similar things as you. This could be from a social media post or one of their blog posts.
  3. Keep it relevant. Try to avoid having a personal blog on your business website. Remember, you are trying to communicate about your business, not just yourself.
  4. Use themes. Themes can help identify topics, so pick a broad topic and start there, this can help get the creative juices flowing.
  5. Just start. When in doubt just start writing. Sometimes the very act of writing can trigger inspiration. There are plenty of times I have sat down to crank out a blog post and had nothing to say until after I started writing.

Remember to be confident and be consistent. Blogging is fun and so beneficial for your business, so if you can’t seem to do it, find someone who can!

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