Facebook 2019 Best Practices

Social Media Today is out with some great information on the optimal posting practices 2019 Facebook Best Practicesfor Facebook. While much of this information is dependent on your audience, consider incorporating these tactics to your Facebook strategy this year. Here are top 4 practices:

  1. Video: It is no surprise that that posting video is still the best type of post for engagement and ROI.
  2. Time: Consider switching your posts to the evening for better engagement. While you have to see if your audience is on at this time, studies overall are showing that engagement is higher in the evening on average.
  3. Weekends: For some businesses, we are seeing an increase in engagement during the weekend. This makes sense, as you are attempting to reach your audience outside of business hours.
  4. Keep it short: Again, this should not come as a surprise to anyone, but shorter posts perform better.

For the full article and more information about social media trends visit Social Media Today. 


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