Going Live

It’It's June 2, 2020s that time of year, Christmas is just 1 week away and the last thing on your mind is your social media strategy. So, I will try to keep today’s post brief! Let’s talk about “going live”.

So, you decided you want to have more live videos in 2019, great! However, there are several things to keep in mind and to avoid when sharing a live video.

  1. Clarity: Often times when we are talking to a camera about our businesses and industry we use language and jargon that is not commonly understood. So, be clear and concise while engaging your audience.
  2. Too Short: In many cases, shorter is better, but in the world of live videos you must think the opposite. In order to be found and to have people watch and engage, your live videos should be at least 10 minutes long.
  3. Sales Pitch: This is not for a sales pitch! Before you even begin streaming consider your goal and intention with the video. How do you want people to respond and engage? Think engagement, not a hard sell.
  4. Crickets: Oh, the long awkward pauses. Think through your dialogue, have your notes or script available. The point is to appear effortless and stay on message.
  5. Low Quality: While you don’t have to have a super expensive camera, there are some helpful tools to increase the overall quality of your video. Invest in a tripod, a Bluetooth lapel microphone and possibly a light for better visual appeal.
  6. Engagement: Make sure to be engaging with your audience! Answer their questions and acknowledge there presence. This should feel like a conversation, not a stagnant video.
  7. Keep or Delete: Remember, this video will live on your Facebook page if you do not delete it, so if it was not a good experience, delete it. Also, when the content becomes irrelevant delete it.

I hope these tips help you and everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!

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