Put yourself out there

Social media is a weird thing. While I did have social media in high school (the very

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beginning of this phenomenon), it was nothing like it is now. It was not something I was on daily, nor could I imagine being on it almost constantly.

I did not grow up in a time when it was normal to document your every move throughout the day. I grew up in a time when you had to call someone to let them know what you were doing. So, it is ingrained in my brain to only share with people what is important.

The problem with with this sort of thinking is that if no one “likes” or shares what I put out on social media I feel defeated, because I deemed that content “important”. As social media evolves and things change, I have found that you have to simply put yourself out there. You cannot worry about the importance of the post as much as the brand you are promoting.

If you don’t show your personal side or allow people to get to know you, they will not want to follow you. While this is against my nature and likely those older than me, it is crucial to social media success. There has to be a personal connection.

Just like talking on the phone, people now have to have a reason to answer or respond to your content. Remember to place the call and just go for it. You may not get a response, but you have to try. Put yourself out there, let people get to know you, not just what you are selling.

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