SEO and Social Media

I have been asked many times about how the work I do for someone’s social media 417 Magazine Ladies Who Launchaffects their SEO. While there are MANY things that play into your company’s overall SEO and Google Ranking, my services on social media certainly help in boosting your SEO. Here are a couple things to consider when it comes to social media and SEO.

Google rates sites based on their domain authority. Your domain authority comes from the variety of ways you are encouraging people to not only find your site but stay on it longer. One of the ways to improve your SEO is to have links to your website on other websites with high a domain authority. As you can imagine, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. all have a very high domain authority. So, posting links to your site on said social media platforms helps to boost your SEO.

Of course, this is only a small piece to the larger puzzle. Hashtags and keywords within your social media make you more searchable as well. Therefore, when you post on social media regularly with these words, you are helping people to find you, and Google likes that. Google also values great content, so publishing quality content consistently helps your ranking too.

Along with the traditional social media platforms, you can now post and schedule posts on Google My Business. In terms of SEO, this is a game-changer. Seeing as Google is the ultimate domain authority, it is critical to take the time to post on their platform and drive people to your site. So, as usual, be consistent, use hashtags, drive people to your site through links and encourage people to stay on your website longer.


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