Social Media and the Buying Cycle

Are you aware of the buying cycle? It is likely you are, at least, familiar with the phases; BuyingCycle-Blog_04awareness, consideration, intent, purchase, loyalty, and referral. Have you considered how this connects with your social media presence and strategy?

Knowing where you are and who you are targeting at a particular time is crucial to the success of your organic and paid social media efforts. While there are 6 phases in the buying cycle the three main ones to focus on are awareness, consideration, and purchase.

Each phase has unique things to consider with both organic and paid content. For example, in the consideration phase for organic content, it is most important to interact and engage with your customers. Building that relationship once they are aware of your brand is vital to securing the next step, the purchase.  Whereas, with awareness, it is about letting people get to know you and your brand and what you are offering.

Understanding where you are in the buying cycle is the most critical part. If you are new to your business or brand, then focus on awareness. If you have been present and around for a couple of years, try focusing on the consideration phase and moving into the purchasing stage. No matter where you are in the cycle, remember, always to keep your brand in mind and the values you are putting out there.

For more information on leveraging social media throughout the customer journey, check out this article.


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