Whether you are promoting yourself or your business, your social media has a downloadpersonality. For example, I used to run the social media for a local non-profit. The personality we had was professional and loving. We shared triumphs and news related to our clients and overall field.

People need a reason to be emotionally invested in your business. They need something that grabs their attention and makes them want to respond. My lovely client, Elisa, does a great job with showing her personality. She shares her vulnerability with the world as she grows her business. Her followers can really connect with her, because she fearlessly puts herself out there.

Another client of mine likes humor. Dry cleaners are not particularly exciting, most days, so we try to add some relatable humor to keep customers engaged. Whatever you do, do with purpose and with the intention of connecting with your audience. It is not about shoving your goods and services in their face all the time, but instead getting them to remember you and drive them to your page.

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