Change it up

As a very scheduled and organized person, I have a tendency to want things to be the cover_(4)same every week. However, in the world of social media this just does not work. You have to change it up.

Of course you have to consistently put content out there, but there are some easy ways to change it up:

  1. Try out different times to post your content. The scheduling ability of Facebook and using Hootsuite is a great way to work ahead while “changing it up”.
  2. Utilize different kinds of content. For example, look at your content and try to post a picture with a caption one day, an article the next and a video after that.
  3. Take a break from selling your products or services and just post interesting content.

When it comes to social media, you have to constantly change up your strategy to keep people engaged. Small changes can lead to big results and it never hurts to try something new. So, if you find your social media in a rut, try a new feature like going live or adding to your story or just change up the time of day you post. Anything you try is progress, so don’t get discouraged, there is no wrong way to do social media.

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