Pay to Play on Facebook

You may have heard this, but when it comes to growing your Facebook, you have to pay Friday Fact_ (56)to play. That means paid advertisements. Whether you want to spend $50 or $500 a month, you have to be willing to fork over some money for quick growth results.

So, how do you decide the best way to spend your money on Facebook? While you still need to be consistent in your posts, you should also consider running either 1 large ad per month or 1 small boosted post/ ad per week. Luckily Facebook makes running ads super easy, they break down your advertisement options into these categories:

  1. Boosted post: Many people dislike this tactic and say it does not work as well as ads, but the key is to run them for 1-3 days only for $5-$15.
  2. Get more leads: This an ad with a built-in form to collect potential customer’s information as well as prompt them to ask questions. You can also dive deeper into the ads manager to connect this to your site and create your own leads collecter form on your website.
  3. Promote Send Message Button, Call Now Button or Learn More Button: These Ads encourage people to use buttons in the ad. Send a message connects to your messenger on Facebook, Call Now makes it easy for customers to click and connect the phone number automatically and Learn More directs people to your website to more information.
  4. Promote Your Page: This is the one that Facebook generally recommends. It drives people to your page where they can learn more about your business and like your page it from the ad itself. This ad is the best for growing a page quickly in terms of more likes and follows.
  5. Promote your business locally: This is a great promotion for storefront/ retail shops. It encourages people to actually come in and visit your brick and mortar location.

With ads 2-5 listed above, I would recommend running them for at least 1 week and setting your budget to spend at least $20 total (remember that the more you spend, the better results you will see). You also have the opportunity to set up automated ads, but I would stick to creating them yourself so you can better monitor them and adjust as needed.

A couple of things to remember about the ad set up is to have an eye-catching image. Good images still rule on Facebook, so be sure it sends the message you want and draws the eye to the action you want the user to take. Also, be sure to follow the guidelines laid out by Facebook on the number of characters allowed and only using images with little to no text. Your ads will perform much better if you play by their rules. Lastly, don’t forget to set your target audience to the specifications you need for your target market. Sometimes however less is more with targeting, so don’t get too specific.

Remember to have fun with it and just try promoting your page a little here and there. You never know how it will turn out till you try!

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