When it comes to social media analytics, it is all about crafting the report with the D18_15_002_0004_600information you are interested in.  Whether you create these reports within your platforms, like you can with Google or you extract the data to formulate your own report, it is all about having the right information for you to learn from and be most successful.

Creating an analytics report can be as simple as dumping the information into a spreadsheet or creating a format that runs the report for you monthly. I find that it is best for me to create the reports from scratch in an excel sheet each month to better absorb and understand the data. The information that is most beneficial for my clients is the time of day posts are doing their best, the content that is performing best and details about who is engaging with that content to better target them in the future.

With Google, you have many options for your reporting. You can craft reports for traffic,  customer acquisition, email marketing, device comparison reports, etc. It is really about what you are looking to find out. Reports for the sake of reports are a waste of time. Make the most of your time with reporting that provides you with the best information for your specific business.

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