Facebook Ad Tips

As Facebook continues to change their policies to improve user satisfaction, it has celebrate world pressfreedom day (5)become increasingly hard for businesses to get in front of their target audiences. So, I thought I would share a couple of tips to help companies to make the most of their ad dollars. When it comes to creating a successful Facebook Ad these are a few important things to remember:

  1. Avoid “spammy” language. (ie. shop now, buy now, enter our contest, etc.)
  2. Target your ideal customers through “audience optimization.” (ie. interests, behaviors, demographics and look-a-like audiences.)
  3. Always include a CTA (Call To Action, Facebook makes this easy with customized buttons.)
  4. Answer these 4 questions from your audience when writing your ad copy:
    1. Do you know anything about me?
    2. What do you want me to do?
    3. What will happen when I click the ad?
    4. Why should I click right now?
  5. Include an image that communicates Emotion, Motion, and Color.
    1. Emotion: Identify your ideal customer’s pain points.
    2. Motion: Utilize images that require the customer to scan the entire picture and directs their eye to the call to action.
    3. Color: Use colors that contrast the site which your ad will appear. For example, Facebook uses blue, so consider images with red, green or orange.

While there is much more we could get into with creating the perfectly optimized Facebook Ad, these tips are a solid starting point for any business owner looking to publish an ad. Be sure to follow me on Facebook for more information and tips like this!

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